Steel Structure Design

WeOne EC provides complete structural analysis for any steel structure. It means; you'll have optimized sections, properly defined loads and cases, properly defined materials with code settings applied. Each member will be carefully designed and steel verification will be done for each of them.


Based on our agreement, WeOne EC creates reports according to client's and international standards & code's requirements. It means, you'll have written reports for everything. Detail level of the reports depends on your requirements and our agreement.


You'll get the source file after completing the order. We'll deliver everything, We promised on "Delivery" and after completing the project, We'll share a link with you everything (drawings and reports), we used for design including the source file of structural analysis.


We do not charge cost for up to maximum two revision. We'll only charge you if the revision causes rework and extra time (like a few more days) or have sufficient effects on design.


Since each project is user specific and special, We'll keep a backup of your project (in case you need it again). We will not disclose any information of your project.