Create Quotations quickly within few clicks...

WeQuote software is used to create quotations quickly using few clicks. Followings are the features of WeQuote:

1. Open and Save Each Quotation file (including all revisions).

2. Add and Save Client Details, Scope of Work, Scope of Supply, Exclusions, Terms & Conditions and Basic Prices for Services / Parts to Database for future use.

3. User Access Control.

4. Quotation document number is automatic and controlled by software.

5. Quotation History: WeQuote also saves user information who prepared specific quotation and who has revised it. All history is saved within quotation file.

6. Calculates total price without error and also writes price in words.

7. User can change currency unit. Such as SAR, AED, QAR, USD etc.

8. Generate Quotation in PDF, Excel and Word files.